Torch Bearer Fundraisers

What is Legs for Legacy?

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Legs for Legacy is the fundraising effort for those who want to do more for the cause, inspiring their supporters to sponsor their leg of the relay. As a Torch Bearer, you will already be an inspiration to thousands across the world as you help carry the light of Legacy from France to Australia. And by committing to raising funds through Legs for Legacy, you will be ensuring that effort makes as much impact as possible by driving even more donations to support and empower our veterans’ families.

What is the fundraising target?

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Legs for Legacy has an ambitious goal — to raise $1 million toward the campaign’s $10 million target.

Everyone who puts their hands up to #jointhejourney will help continue #LegacysLegacy for the next 100 years, supporting and empowering more veterans’ families to build their best future. 

Where does the money raised go?

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Funds raised from Legs for Legacy will support: 

  • National programs such as junior camps, youth development initiatives and community connection services. 
  • Education programs, ensuring no family is disadvantaged based on their location or circumstances. 

How do I update my profile picture?

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Log in to your Dashboard and click on the camera icon located just below the Legs for Legacy logo and upload a photo of your choosing.

How do I update my fundraising story/message?

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Log in to your Dashboard, click on ‘Edit my page’ and then go to 'Update my Blog' and include your connection to Legacy and the reason you were selected to become a Torch Bearer.

How do I change my fundraising target?

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Log in to your Dashboard and click on ‘Edit my page’ and update your fundraising goal.

How do I share my fundraising page?

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Login to your Dashboard, click on the 'Get Support' button and scroll down to view  the social icons. You can also copy the url from your browser and paste it into emails, social media posts or a Whatsapp group to give your network a direct link to your page. We have created some resources here to help you get started.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my fundraising page?

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Reach out to our fundraising team at  fundraising@legsforlegacy.com.au and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will Legacy support me with my fundraising?

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We sure do. We will be sending you tips and hints along the way, giving you some ideas on how to get creative to reach your target. We have even created specific fundraising resources that you can use when asking for donations from your networks. These resources have been emailed to you to help you with your fundraising efforts but you can also access them here: https://www.legsforlegacy.com.au/resources

Will my sponsor receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation?

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Yes, any donation above $2 is tax deductible. At the time of submitting their online donation, an automatic receipt will be emailed to your sponsors.

Can I start fundraising before my relay dates?

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Absolutely! You can start fundraising from the day you sign up. In fact, the more you raise before the leg of your journey commences, the more chance you have of reaching and hopefully exceeding your fundraising goal.

How do I bank any offline money I raise so it shows up on my fundraising page?

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The easiest way to do this is to make an online donation to your own fundraising page using your credit card. The total amount will then show up on your page.

If you would rather pay in your offline donations by cheque or bank deposit, then please download and print the offline donation form, fill out all the required fields, and mail it back to us us along with any receipts. We will then update your fundraising page with all your offline donations.


I am organising an event, is there someone I can speak to about providing promotional assets and further support?

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Of course! Whether you have secured the details of your event, or it is still in the planning stages, email us at  fundraising@legsforlegacy.com.au and a member of our fundraising team will reach out!

All Torch Bearers

What is included in the uniform for Torch Bearers?

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All Torch Bearers will receive a long sleeve or short sleeve top, shorts or full-length pants, a cap, and a pair of socks.

When Torch Bearers place their uniform order, they choose if they want a short sleeve or long sleeve top and if they want shorts or full-length pants.

Shoes are not included as a part of the uniform. Torch Bearers will need to wear their own sports shoes or shoes they feel comfortable wearing when walking.

When will Torch Bearers receive their uniform?

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All Torch Bearers will receive their uniform a month prior to their designated relay date.

How will information and material be sent to Torch Bearers?

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All materials and information regarding the Torch Relay will be sent via email.

If the Torch Bearer does not have an email address, they can request all materials to be mailed to their preferred address by calling us on 03 9384 1190

When will Torch Bearers be hearing from us?

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November/ December 2022 –  You'll have just received your official Torch Bearer congratulations message. Now is the time to order your uniform and Torch Bearer Torch. If you don’t accept your offer within a week of the announcement, the team might give you a call to help you along the way. 

Early 2023 – You will receive your Torch Bearer handbook which contains information that will be helpful for you in the lead up to your relay and on the day of your relay. 

1 month prior to your relay – We will send you your official Torch Bearer uniform supplied and delivered by ADA (Australian Defence Apparel) as well as some safety information for you to be aware of. 

2 weeks prior to your relay - We will send you a detailed schedule of the day, where to meet and some tips for keepng your uniform looking sharp!

3 days prior to your relay – We'll let you know any final information about your relay day, for example what to expect on the day with the weather.

Can a Torch Bearer purchase their torch?

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Torch Bearers will be able to purchase the torch you carry in the relay by visiting the 'Shop' in your Torch Bearer hub. Just a reminder if you order your Torch Bearer torch after Friday 18th December 2022, unfortunately we can't guarantee that you'll be able to take your torch home with you after your relay.

Can I tell my friends and family that I will be a Torch Bearer for The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023?

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Yes absolutely! We would love for you to share this on your social media channels and help raise awareness. Just remember to be mindful of what you are posting and to respect the Legacy brand.

Will there be any training prior to my allocated relay date?

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There won't be any training prior to your allocated relay date however, you will need to complete a safety induction online one month prior. We will send this out to you via email. 

You will also be briefed in person by one of our team on the day of your relay.

Torch Bearers will need to complete a short online safety induction one month prior to your allocated relay date. You will receive this via email.

Is Fundraising Compulsory?

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Fundraising is entirely optional, but you will be invited to fundraise to raise much needed funds to support our veterans’ families.