Dave Charles

Torch Bearers 2023

I'm an Official Legacy Centenary Torch Bearer

I'm an Official Legacy Centenary Torch Bearer

It’s an honour to be a Legacy Centenary Torch Bearer for Maryborough.  I'm now starting my twentieth year as a Legatee.

My Updates

At Gulfstream 1982

Thursday 6th Apr

My Legacy experience

Friday 31st Mar

In 1947, a small group of Maryborough veterans joined Legacy.  Later that year, my father was killed in an electrical accident.  Legacy came immediately to my family’s aid.  I was six years old, the eldest of three children.

With hindsight, it’s probable that, without Legacy’s assistance, I would have had to cease my education at the end of primary school, in order to get a full-time job to help support our family.  Instead, all three of us were able to complete secondary education.  My brother and I each spent twenty years in the RAAF.  Our sister graduated from University of Queensland.

On retirement, I decided to offer my services to Legacy.  I am now in my twentieth year with the charity.

Many of my Legacy colleagues have now retired or passed on.  The end of my Legacy service is looming.  Yet our services are still in great demand, to care for the families of newly-deceased veterans from recent conflicts.  I would encourage anyone to consider joining this amazing organization.  Activities are part-time, and voluntary.  However, the satisfaction gained from assisting needy families is a wonderful reward!

My Legacy experience

Friday 16th Dec
I became a Legacy Ward at age six, when my dad was electrocuted.  Legacy supported our family until my sister, my brother and I completed our high school education.  Otherwise, I would probably have had to leave at the end of primary school to get a job to help support our family.  After my retirement, I joined Legacy to help repay them for their valued assistance to us.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ian Edwardson

Legacy looked after my grandmother and her family after my Gallipoli veteran American grandfather was killed in a sawmill accident in 1927.


Ian Caine


Greg Caine

Uncle David, so great to see you to continue to support the organisation that provided you, your brother Peter and your sister Robyn (my Mum) with opportunities you otherwise may not have been afforded. A donation is the least we can offer. Good luck in your fundraising efforts. Enjoy the day on the 25th June when you get to carry the torch as part of this massive relay. Love from Greg & Matt


John Riches

From one one Legatee to another, thank you Dave


Tibor Kovacs

Keep up the much needed work


Ian Scott

... and you made a great Course Mum, thanks Dave.


Rebecca, Tony, Lauren And Jake

Go Dad/ Grandad! A great guy for a great cause! XX


Elizabeth (libby) Vasey

Legacy is a powerful organization and it has a longstanding, hardworking and effective representative in Maryborough, Qld : David Charles.


David Dunlop

Keep up the great work.


Rebecca Charles

In loving memory of Travis Charles. Go Dad x


Melinda Scott

Great work Uncle David


Neville Duus

Good on yer, Charlie.


James Farquhar

Go Dave!


Monica Vega-christie


Adrian Pitman

Go David



Well done David, keep up the great work. Graeme


Edith Tudman


Zip Print Australia

Congratulations David!


Jenny Woodley

Very proud of you David.


Maryborough Military Aviation Museum

Donated by the Maryborough Military Aviation Museum.


David Crickmore

All the best


Ian Pearson

Good job Dave


Christine, Kim And Virginia


David Geck


Anita Head Barberess


Beth & Bill Titley

Go well, David. We know what this means to you.


Banister/clarke Family

Great work Dave.



I know how important this organization is to you.


Nan Ott Ott

Great job David


Jenny Elliott


Bob And Chris Qam